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A few of the larger firms and sales representatives of foreign factories with mechanical workshops in Latvia assembled bicycles from imported parts. This way Latvian import duties could be avoided and profits increased. Some firms, representatives of foreign firms in particular, used the name of the factory in the brand name while some of the store owners preferred to add the name of their store in the brand name. E. Daniel’s shop on 21 Merkela Street assembled bicycles this way. The shop German “Naumann” bicycles ith the brand name Riga- Special. The Swedish firm “Husqvarna”, was represented by “Leimanis un Fley” (later- “Brali Leimani” (Leimani brothers)) in Riga on 7 Aspazijas Boulevard, where the bicycles were assembled from parts purchased in Sweden and sold with the brand name “Diana”. At the end of the 1930s the “Brali Leimani” store started selling bicycles manufactured in A. Lippert’s factory with the brand name “Diana Special”.
During the 1920s and 30s there was a total of more than 50 work-shops in Latvia that assembled or constructed bicycles from semi-assambled components and gave the bicycles their own brand name.

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